NC: The Right to Read Screening and Panel Discussion

Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City 320 E. 9th St., Charlotte, NC, United States

Join The Reading League North Carolina (TRL-NC), UNC-Charlotte, and Collaborative Classroom for a screening of The Right to Read documentary, followed by a panel discussion with literacy advocates facilitated by TRL-NC President Linda Rhyne. Guests will then enjoy lunch and conversation about the film. The Right to Read film shares the stories of an NAACP activist and South Carolina native Kareem Weaver, a teacher, and two American families who fight to provide our youngest generation with the most foundational indicator of life-long success: the ability to read.


SoR Experts Explain: The Science of Reading

The term “science of reading” has become popularized by national reporting, social media, and recently the historic literacy investment and legislation in Indiana. Join founder and CEO of The Reading League, Dr. Maria Murray, for a closer look at what the science of reading is and is not - and how it can be leveraged to support your students’ success in reading and writing.


Big Sky Literacy Summit

Yellowstone Conference Center, Big Sky, Montana Big Sky, MT, United States

Standing on the Shoulders of Mentors and Sages - A converging of mentors, sages, teachers, leaders and stakeholders in literacy in the wilderness of Montana for three days of a literacy grand round experience led by the best in the field!

The Right to Read – Virtual Screening and Discussion

We are excited to launch our very first The Reading Leading California event! Join us as we view the documentary The Right to Read and engage in a discussion of how we can advance the science of reading movement in our state.


Tier 1 Instruction is Risk Reduction

Join TRL-Wisconsin for a live, virtual session with Dr. Stephanie Stollar entitled "Tier 1 Instruction is Risk Reduction".  Explore the critical role of classroom instruction as a key contributor to the power of prevention. 


Back to School Celebration and Discussion

Join The Reading League North Carolina for a virtual Back to School Celebration for the new year! Meet other members and friends in our community. Learn more about TRL-NC and events. Join our breakout room discussion based on Dr. Stephanie Stollar's guidance: "Moving from Shared Reading to Intentionally Reading Aloud." We have prizes to give away!


Tier 1 Instruction is Risk Reduction

Join TRL-WA for a live, virtual session with Dr. Stephanie Stollar entitled "Tier 1 Instruction is Risk Reduction".  Explore the critical role of classroom instruction as a key contributor to the power of prevention. 


How Spelling Informs Reading Instruction

Do you have students who can decode relatively well but struggle to spell correctly? Join us as we welcome Dr. Shelley Blackwell to discuss how the reading brain learns to spell and how to analyze spelling errors to direct instruction. Evidence-based instruction ideas and interventions will be provided to use at all tiers of spelling instruction.


SoR Experts Explain: Teaching Word Recognition Skills

The science of reading is not just about word recognition skills, but efficient word recognition is critical to fluent reading and reading comprehension. Join Brooklyn College (CUNY) associate professor, Dr. Katie Pace Miles, for an overview of what teachers need to know and do to teach these foundational reading skills.


Family Literacy Engagement and School-Based Literacy Plans

Calling all Louisiana schools...Dinner is served! Explore the Family Literacy Engagement Menu which encompasses vital aspects of creating a Science of Reading aligned School-Based Literacy Plan and its components. This presentation delves into family literacy engagement and the significance of a robust literacy engagement plan for fostering family involvement for district personnel, principals, teachers, families, and community stakeholders. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Family Literacy Engagement and its transformative impact on educational environments. Presenters are: Monique Jolla, Director of Family & Community Initiatives and Miranda Gremillion, Literacy Engagement Specialist


IN: Until Everyone Can Read Summit

You are invited to the 2023 Until Everyone Can Read symposium. The symposium will be held at Marian University on September 23, 2023 and is a collaborative effort of not-for-profit organizations that include the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana, International Dyslexia Association-Indiana, Decoding Dyslexia-Indiana, The Reading League Indiana, Marian University and the PATINS Project.

$75 – $125
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