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The Science of Reading: Foundational Knowledge and Skills SeriesBlock 1:
The Science of Reading embodies over 40 years of research findings from multiple fields of study that shine a light on key fundamental principles of reading instruction. At The Reading League, we ground all of our professional development in three “anchors” that have emerged from this research. This Block also addresses transformative versus additive change, and what it takes to transform the culture of practice in a school system.
Block 2: You are likely aware of the importance of phonemic awareness, but what about phoneme proficiency? This Block will help untangle a bunch of “ph” terms associated with the Science of Reading and clarify the role of phoneme proficiency in skilled reading. Participants will also learn how to administer and interpret Kilpatrick’s Phonological Awareness Screening Test (PAST), along with planning strategies and instructional approaches that can be used to teach for phoneme proficiency in face-to-face and virtual settings.
Block 3:
Do you know a digraph from a diphthong? How about the six major syllable types of English? This Block will help you brush up on your own knowledge of phonics and give you a way to assess the phonic knowledge of your students. Participants will also learn how to analyze this data so that it can inform instruction.
Block 4:
Participants will learn how to plan and implement 40-60 minute engaging, evidence-aligned, 6-Step lessons to teach the phonemic and phonic skills necessary for efficient decoding, spelling, and fluency. You will receive a collection of practical resources and ideas for using the TRL 6-Step approach in face-to-face and virtual instruction.