The Reading League Journal Will Have a Digital Version on March 1

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February 12, 2021

Hello, TRL Journal subscribers and TRL members!

You asked, and we are so glad you did! Your subscription to The Reading League Journal will now include both a traditional print version AND a digital version. This is all part of our streamlined membership and subscriber systems.

Now, all membership to The Reading League is free. Membership is no longer tied to your purchase of the journal. You can remain a member of The Reading League indefinitely, and we’re so thankful for your support of our important mission.

To receive The Reading League Journal, a subscription must be purchased separately from your membership. If you are currently a paid member of The Reading League (which used to be tied to your being a subscriber), you will continue to receive your journal issues for the remainder of your current subscriber membership plan. When it expires, you will remain a Reading League member and then just continue to subscribe to The Reading League Journal separately.

How will my digital version of The Reading League Journal differ from the print version?
Digital journals will feature hyperlinks to sponsor ads, any embedded article links, article reference links, and more. You will also be able to seamlessly click from a page of The Journal straight any other articles or pages it references.

How do I access the digital version of The Journal?
The Reading League’s subscriber portal will offer instant access to all issues published while your subscription remains active, including issues 1-4 which were originally available only in print. You can access issues online, via desktop or mobile, or from any standard e-reader app. Digital access will be available to all subscribers (expired and current) as of March 1 via a link in the subscriber portal. You can find a link to the portal on our website.

Do I have to choose between the digital and print formats?
No. All subscribers will receive both versions of The Journal automatically while their subscription remains active. The print version will continue to be delivered via mail, and the digital versions will be available to you on The Reading League’s subscriber portal.

Are there multiple subscriber tiers?
No, all annual subscriptions are available for $100 / year. Bulk ordering is still available for journal subscribers by request. Current subscribers also have the option of purchasing digital versions of back issues they may have missed on the portal prior to their subscription.

I already paid for a non-free membership (what was known as a paid Subscribing Membership). Will I be refunded?
No, your payment will be applied to your journal subscription for the duration of your original membership plan. You will not need to make any additional payments for either your membership or subscription during that time. Because the cost of the journal subscription is remaining the same, the digital portal access option adds immediate value.

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