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Season 1 Activities

Dot To Dot

Follow along with Dott and Dusty with handwriting strokes for letter formation through the illustration of familiar objects!
Curriculum Focus:  Introduction to letter stroke language (directionality) through drawing activity.

Episode 1: Dott adds grass to Alphabott’s illustration and introduces Dusty to the term vertical.
Episode 2: Dott adds ladder rungs to Alphabott’s illustration and introduces Dusty to the term horizontal.
Episode 3: Dott finishes Alphabott’s illustration by adding rooftops and introduces Dusty to the term diagonal.
Episode 4: Dusty gets a lesson in making counterclockwise circles as Dott completes Alphabott’s flower petals.
Episode 5: Dott draws wheels on a bike while introducing the term clockwise.
Episode 6: Alphabott’s drawing of a cat serves as an introduction to the concepts of half circles and curves.
Episode 7: The terms vertical, diagonal, and counterclockwise are reviewed as Dott teaches Dusty about stick figures.
Episode 8: Alphabott’s submarine needs a periscope…Dott teaches Dusty a new word and a formation that uses a curve and a vertical line.
Episode 9: Alphabott’s pirate drawing gets a hook as Dusty learns about the shape of a curve.
Episode 10: Concentric circles are the subject of Alphabott’s drawing of lollipops.
Episode 11: Curves are the focus of another drawing, this time by adding ears to a face.
Episode 12: Half circles forming a wave are made by Dott as she finishes Alphabott’s drawing.
Episode 13: Dott finishes Alphabott’s caterpillar drawing by making counterclockwise circles.
Episode 14: Dott demonstrates how to make a horse by using a vertical line and a curved hill.
Episode 15: The term vertical is revisited as Dott helps Alphabott finish her rocket ship drawing.
Episode 16: The terms half-circle, curve, and horizontal are reviewed as Dott finishes Alphabott’s sunset drawing.
Episode 17: Alphabott’s drawing of a mountain range is completed as Dott adds diagonal lines.
Episode 18: Dott uses a curved line to draw the door to an elf house on Alphabott’s drawing.
Episode 19: Alphabott’s sundae gets topped with a cherry that Dott draws with a counterclockwise circle.
Episode 20: Dott finishes Alphabott’s bird drawing by making a beak with diagonal lines.