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Hosted by The Reading League Maryland

Maryland’s Ready to Read Act helps teachers identify at risk students early, so that effective reading instruction can be provided to prevent reading difficulty. The Ready to Read Act can also tell a school system if the core reading instruction needs to be tweaked or changed.

Topics include:

  • Learning which reading skill each screening measure evaluates and understanding what the results tell us about our students’ foundational reading skills.
  • Analyzing individual and grade-level screening data to inform instructional and curricular decisions for students and classes.
  • Understanding the requirements of the Ready to Read law and regulations so your school and districts are in compliance.

Hybrid Event:

This will be a hybrid workshop and participants have the option to attend via Zoom, or in-person with access to the expert presenters at UMD  (Tawes Hall, Room 1310, 7751 Alumni Drive, University of Maryland College Park)

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