When we know better,
we do better.

Only 30%-60% of students learn to read well when presented with common instructional approaches. We can do better.

Our children are worth it.


What We Do

Educators are hungry for the knowledge that stagnates in the research-to-practice pipeline, and The Reading League is here to help clear the way. We offer innovative and meaningful professional development to thousands of educators through bimonthly Live Events, and through our annual conference that features reading experts from across the US and around the globe.

We also partner with individual schools and districts to disseminate research findings on approaches to teaching reading that achieve maximum instructional impact, and we provide school-based coaches to support educators as they refine their practices.





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Why The Reading League Exists


There is intense public interest in questions surrounding how children learn to read and how they can best be taught. Research in psychological science has provided answers to many of these questions but, somewhat surprisingly, this research has been slow to make inroads into educational policy and practice.

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Awards & Press

Oswego County Literacy Initiative (OCLI)

We are delighted to announce that all nine Oswego County school districts, CiTiBOCES, and the Central New York/Oswego County Teacher Center have formed a multi-year partnership with The Reading League.  OCLI will focus on building the awareness, understanding, and use of maximally impactful literacy instruction in order to improve student outcomes in grades PreK-3.  We look forward to getting to know the energetic, dedicated educators at Altmar-Parish-Williamstown, Central Square, Fulton, Hannibal, Mexico, Oswego City, Phoenix, Pulaski, Sandy Creek, and the CiTiBOCES sites.


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