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The Reading League Journal is the only peer-reviewed publication written and edited by both educators and researchers that focuses on leveraging the scientific evidence to improve practice. The Reading League Journal is published in January/February, May/June, and September/October. Drs. Emily Solari and Louisa Moats are the editors-in-chief.

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Article Submission

The Reading League Journal (TRLJ) is a peer-reviewed journal which at its core represents contributions from researchers and educational practitioners.

Researchers: Review scientific studies and present them in a format that is meaningful for educational professionals.

Educational Practitioners: Contribute articles related to the implementation of scientific research into practice.

TRLJ is published three times a year. It is anticipated that manuscript acceptance is highly competitive.

We do not include original research reports, opinion papers, or descriptions of classroom practices that are not direct applications of scientific findings.

Please view our Submission Guidelines. This guide describes the different categories for which we will accept submissions. Please be sure that any article conforms to the Submission Guideline Document. Submissions that do not align with these categories will not be reviewed.

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For questions regarding payment, subscription status, and address changes please call toll free at 844-967-0615 or email the journal customer service department at:

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