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Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines

NEW! A Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines (CEGs) Reviewer Workbook is now available to help curriculum review teams rate and record evidence of red flags.

Download a copy of the Reviewer Workbook into your Google Drive.

When reviewing curricula for Tier I instruction, it is essential to ensure they do not include instructional practices that are not aligned with the scientific evidence base of how children learn to read.

The Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines are designed to highlight any non-aligned practices, or “red flags,” that may be present in the areas of:

  • Word Recognition

  • Language Comprehension

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Writing

  • Assessment

Preview of select pages.

The Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines is a tool that is considered a “living document” meaning that it will be periodically updated based on user feedback, suggestions for optimizing use, etc.

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We ask that you provide your name and email so we may notify you when revisions and updates have been made to the Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines.

Last Updated March 2023

Download the Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines

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