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TRL-PA brings you the Expert in Residence series. Our first feature will be Mechanicsburg Area School District
Description: This Expert in Residence session will follow the journey of Mechanicsburg Area School District’s Grade 4 and 5 ELA teachers as they deepen their understanding of word learning for intermediate students. Grace Adams, Katie Reisinger, Linda Baughman, and Michelle Trostle will share their entire process – from the journal articles that provided a basis of current research and knowledge of best practices, to collaboratively crafting our teams’ shared Word Study Beliefs, to the process for selecting resources to pilot, to the current undertaking of pilot implementation. Words matter!
Join to learn how teachers are growing in their practice to help students develop a robust understanding of words to build their expressive and receptive language skills.
Grace Adams, Grade 4 Teacher and ELA Grade-level Coordinator
Katie Reisinger, Reading Specialist
Linda Baughman, Supervisor of Elementary Curriculum
Michelle Trostle, Reading Intervention Coordinator
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