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The Science of Reading is a vast, interdisciplinary body of scientifically based research about reading and issues related to reading. Within this research, we find keys to unlocking our understanding of how the human brain learns to read and use this knowledge to uncover practices that align with reading research. Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs) are uniquely positioned to provide the next generation of educators with this knowledge. Further, EPPs have the opportunity to build a bridge to connect this knowledge to practice to support the implementation of evidence-aligned practices through practice-based learning opportunities.


  1. To assist departments at Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) to analyze course syllabi across programs to identify gaps and redundancies in the knowledge and practices of the Science of Reading and Structured Literacy.
  2. To provide technical assistance for syllabi refinement and enhancement.


An expert consultant will work with your team using the Rhode Island Science of Reading and Structured Literacy Syllabi Refinement Tool. EPP faculty within a department or aligned departments will gather course syllabi and together, the team will use the Innovation Configuration to rate each component to determine where and at what points it appears across courses. The consultant will explain each component and moderate discussions. After the syllabi have been reviewed, the consultant will talk through the findings with the team and make recommendations for refining, removing, and/or adding content for any missing components.

The Reading League will have the capacity to support approximately six qualifying colleges or universities annually beginning in June of 2023.

Cost to EPPs:

$4,000 a day plus travel expenses if in-person (recommended). The number of review days will depend on the number of literacy courses in the program. It is recommended to consider a three-day review for an average 4-course literacy footprint.

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