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Educator preparation programs (EPPs) are uniquely positioned to equip future educators with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively provide their students with an understanding of the Science of Reading–a vast, interdisciplinary body of scientifically-based research about reading and issues related to reading. EPPs are also positioned to support the implementation of evidence-aligned practices through practice-based learning opportunities.

The Reading League’s consultation service supports higher education faculty in actively collaborating to review their programs’ course syllabi. Our consultant will assist with the transformation from an individualistic “my course” perspective to a comprehensive literacy scope and sequence. A supportive, outside partnering perspective will facilitate course and program alignment to the science of reading through dialogue, analysis of content practice-based learning opportunities, and the identification of gaps and redundancies.


  1. To analyze course syllabi across programs to identify gaps, redundancies, and opportunities for alignment with the knowledge and practices from the science of reading and Structured Literacy.
  2. To facilitate program alignment, syllabi refinement, and course enhancement in programs and departments.


An expert consultant will work with your team using an expanded Rhode Island Science of Reading and Structured Literacy Syllabi Refinement Tool. During the initial phase, EPP faculty will collect syllabi and related materials from their department or program. The consultant and EPP faculty will examine syllabi throughout the literacy scope and sequence, utilizing the Innovation Configuration to identify gaps, redundancies, and opportunities for enhancement.

The evaluation will identify five main categories of needed outcomes:

  1. Continued faculty learning
  2. Course enhancement
  3. Expanded or revised course activities and assignments
  4. Expanded or revised clinical experiences
  5. Development of an inter- and intra-departmental literacy scope and sequence

Cost to EPPs:

The fee for this service is $4,000/day, plus travel expenses if conducted in person (recommended). The duration of the review is determined by the number of literacy courses within the program. For an average 4-course sequence, we advise allocating three days for the review.

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