School-Based Partnerships

If you are looking to transform the culture of practice in your school or district, consider becoming a School-Based Professional Development Partner. This gold-standard service offers a customized PD pathway with ongoing support.

The Reading League has ongoing professional development partnerships with over sixty school districts. We work with schools to design learning plans that suit their needs, calendars, and budgets. Formats may include:

  • Face-to-face and virtual professional development sessions
  • Book club facilitation
  • Virtual coaching
  • Regular strategic meetings with instructional leaders

Districts in the Central New York area can elect to have a Reading League Coach in their schools to support teachers weekly. Questions about School-Based Partnerships? Please email our professional development team at

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Administrator Introduction Day Details

Before entering into a formal long-term professional development relationship with schools, we require a full day with administrators. As building and district leaders, your commitment to increasing your own knowledge is vital to the success of transforming literacy instruction and achievement in your schools. This important day ensures that all leaders have common understandings and send consistent messages. After the Administrator Introduction Day is complete, we hope to collaborate and draft a plan to suit your needs, which may include various professional development options and coaching.

Morning Session: Introduction to The Evidence Base

  • Activating prior knowledge about reading
  • The Reading League’s origin, mission, and what we do
  • What does available assessment data say about how we are doing as a nation and locally?
  • What does the research on teacher knowledge tell us?
  • What does 40+ years of scientific research on reading tell us? (an overview of the larger ideas, as this takes years to learn deeply)
  • What are some myths and misconceptions?

Afternoon Session: What It Takes to Transform Literacy Instruction

  • Data and growth stories from our partnerships: What is possible?
  • Transformative vs. additive approaches to change
  • What is it like to work with The Reading League?
  • What to expect in the transformation process
  • How to learn more
  • Discussion
  • Download the Administrator Introduction Day details

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