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In addition to in-person attendance, The Reading League now offers Live Events via live stream services, allowing anyone with an internet connection the ability to watch from their home or office. Events begin at 5 pm EST. Live stream viewers receive access to video of the feed within a few hours of the conclusion of the event and can watch whenever convenient.  Resource documents provided to in-person attendees can be found on the “resource” tab below the video.

The cost of live streaming is $10.00 and can be purchased by creating an account at The Reading League’s uScreen store.

Upcoming Events

Due to restrictions related to COVID19, all remaining 2020 Live Events will be pre-recorded and available on our uScreen store. Unfortunately, no in-person tickets will be sold. We hope to be back to normal, offering both in-person and live stream services, for our January 2021 event. Thank you for your understanding. 

Magical Morphemes – Understanding and Teaching Morphological Awareness

When: July 9, 2020
Morphology is all the buzz in reading circles, but many teachers are still unsure about what morphology is, why it is important, and how to teach it. Morphological Awareness is the new awareness and it is important that teachers understand what it is, and how to begin creating awareness of morphology from early on. Word recognition is dependent upon phonological, orthographic, and morphological language structures – do you include all three in your instruction? This session will present compelling research about morphology and its relationship to the development of multiple literacy skills. Through active participation with words during the session, teachers will discover ways to build their own knowledge about morphology. They will learn teaching processes designed to engage students in creative exploration of words, create curiosity about words, their meanings, and their etymology too! Come be a word nerd with me!

Deb Glaser Bio –2020
Deborah R. Glaser, EdD, is an educational consultant and professional development trainer with expertise in reading assessment and instruction derived from scientific research.  During Dr. Glaser’s 40+ years in education she has been a classroom and learning disability instructor and administrator with the non-profit organization Lee Pesky Learning Center in Boise, Idaho, where she oversaw the development of reading programs for individuals with dyslexia. She has assisted universities with the development of research-based reading curriculum and established training and consultation programs to support the success of state and local reading initiatives. Deborah was advisor to Idaho’s Legislative Reading Committee and a principal author of Idaho’s Reading Initiative.  Dr. Glaser’s publications include LETRS Foundations: Introduction to Language and Literacy (coauthored with Louisa Moats), Next STEPS in Literacy Instruction (Susan Smartt), Reading Fluency: Assess, Understand, Teach (Jan Hasbrouck), ParaReading: A Tutor’s Guide to Teaching Reading, and the IDA Accredited online reading course for teachers, The Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools: Instruction That Makes a Difference.  She consults regularly with schools and districts, assisting with the implementation of scientifically based reading programs and strengthening practitioners’ collaborative efforts. 



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Professional Development Offerings

Stay tuned to learn about Professional Development Offerings we will hold at The Reading League Headquarters in Syracuse, NY. There is a fee associated with these sessions.

Customized Sessions & School Partnerships

To discuss your interest in collaborating with The Reading League for customized professional development sessions and/or school partnerships that may include long-term professional development planning and/or TRL Coaches in your school,  please contact:
Dr. Heidi Beverine-Curry, Vice President – Professional Development  |

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