The Reading League Curriculum Navigation Reports Release Deemed ‘A Historic Moment’

SYRACUSE, NY, May 3, 2024 – The Reading League (TRL), a nonprofit organization leading the advancement of evidence-aligned reading instruction, has launched its ground-breaking Curriculum Navigation Reports, which are unbiased reviews of how reading curricula measure up to the scientific evidence base.

TRL founder and Chief Executive Officer Maria Murray, Ph.D., stated “The launch is a historic moment for the field of reading education and for curriculum decision-makers who are responsible for improving student reading outcomes.” Over 1,300 curriculum decision-makers participated in the live Curriculum Navigation Reports webinar on Wednesday, May 1, marked by a virtual ribbon-cutting.

Watch the May 1 launch of the Curriculum Navigation Reports

Dr. Murray underscored the importance of the comprehensive reports, calling them “the new litmus tests for alignment with the evidence.

Literacy experts with curricula experience conducted TRL’s reviews. Publishers had to approve participation in the review (some declined or did not respond). The Reports provide objective information for curriculum decision-makers looking for curricula that align with findings from the science of reading. The Reports also highlight “red flag” practices that do not align with the scientific evidence base.

Until today, as states legislate and mandate approved curriculum lists affecting all students, they have had to rely solely on evaluation criteria such as alignment to state standards and useability, which are essential but do not give a complete picture of a curriculum’s alignment to the science of reading. TRL’s long-awaited Curriculum Navigation Reports function as a unique and valuable resource in this regard.

The Reports, along with related background and considerations, can be found on the Curriculum Decision Makers page of The Reading League Compass. They are spreading awareness of evidence-aligned reading instruction and likely transform it on a large scale.

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The Curriculum Navigation Reports are designed to guide decision makers and education leaders on where to strengthen existing or newly adopted curricula to better align with the science of reading.

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