The Science of Reading

The Reading League’s mission is to advance the awareness, understanding, and use of evidence-aligned reading instruction. We advance our mission by collaborating with schools to plan and enact long-term professional development initiatives, publishing a peer-reviewed practitioner journal, and holding an Annual Conference. The Reading League works to translate key findings from the science of reading into useful knowledge and skills that educators can apply in their classrooms.

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Young Girl Reading

Science of Reading Video Series

Maryanne Wolf – The Science of Reading Works to Improve Student’s Lives

“Literacy changes our brains, and that changes the lives and trajectory of an individual, which changes a society, which changes the future of our species.”

Educator Stories

The science of reading not only improves literacy outcomes for students, it also empowers educators and helps them achieve goals. Hear more from our community on how these practices have changed their teaching experiences for the better.

Lyncourt School District Shares Success

Amy Rotundo shares her success story with The Reading League and the science of reading in the Lyncourt School District.

Dr. Mark Seidenberg Shares What Has Prevented Change in Schools

“The disconnect between education and science has been detrimental to both students and educators,” says professor and researcher Dr. Mark Seidenberg. “When more programs embrace the Science of Reading, we will see better outcomes for students, educators, school districts, and society.”


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