Rethinking RTI: Where Are We Now?


In the world of elementary reading, Response to Intervention (RTI) was the hottest topic in schools for a stretch of years. Like many initiatives, it was a promising, evidence-based idea that struggled to be effective when enacted in schools. Where did RTI come from? What was the intent? Why didn’t it live up to its promises? What can we learn from the past, and what about RTI can we salvage to help readers thrive in today’s unique contexts?

Who should take this Knowledge Block:

  • K-12 educators and administrators

What you will learn:

  • Research findings that led to initial RTI legislation
  • The difference between the discrepancy model and a response to intervention approach
  • The impact RTI has had in the US
  • The role of the general education teacher in an RTI structure
  • A basic assessment flowchart for identifying reading difficulties

Materials provided:

  • TRL’s Curriculum Evaluation Guidelines
  • PDF of all slides in handout form


  • Certificate of Completion

Rethinking RTI: Where Are We Now?


Participants will learn the intent behind Response to Intervention (RTI), what has actually happened in schools, and what this means in today’s unique contexts.

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