Engaging with Vocabulary

During this Knowledge Block we explore the relationships between vocabulary development, oral language, reading comprehension, and written expression. Participants will learn about the features of evidence-based vocabulary instruction, including which words to prioritize for instruction. Participants will also learn classroom strategies for growing vocabulary, including an explicit instructional routine for introducing new words.

Who should take this Knowledge Block:

  • K-12 educators and administrators 

What you will learn:

  • The relationship between vocabulary acquisition and oral language development
  • How words and learned and stored in the brain 
  • A research validated framework for categorizing words and prioritizing words for instruction
  • A sample instructional routine for explicit vocabulary instruction
  • Learning tasks to supplement vocabulary instruction 

Materials provided:

    • Note taking handout for participants during the session
  • Article: Explicit Vocabulary Instruction to Build Equitable Access for All Learners by NCIL (National Center on Improving Literacy)
  • Florida Center for Reading Research PDF templates 
  • PDF of all slides in handout form


  • Certificate of Completion

Engaging with Vocabulary


 Participants will learn how to decide which vocabulary words to teach and a sample routine for explicit instruction.

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