Understanding Dyslexia

Participants will learn about the role of the brain in reading and dyslexia. Early warning signs as well as critical indicators and core deficits will be presented. We will review special education law with an emphasis on specific learning disability and dyslexia. A discussion of clinical diagnosis versus educational classification, and IEPs versus 504 Plans, will guide participants to consider these nuances in the contexts of schools.

Who should take this Knowledge Block:

  • K-12 educators and administrators 

What you will learn:

  • How the dyslexic brain differs from a non-dyslexic brain
  • Early warning signs of dyslexia Pre-K – 2nd grade
  • Federal Special Education Law: IDEA
  • IEP vs. 504 Accommodation Plan

Materials provided:

  • PDF of all slides in handout form


  • Certificate of Completion

Understanding Dyslexia


There are many misconceptions about what dyslexia is and is not. Participants will learn critical indicators of dyslexia and the legal nuances of a dyslexia diagnosis in schools.

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