The Simple View of Writing

You may be familiar with the Simple View of Reading, but did you know there is also a Simple View of Writing (SVW)? In this Knowledge Block, participants will learn about the subcomponents of the SVW, and receive practical instructional guidance for each. We will also share a process you and your colleagues may use to analyze your current approach to writing instruction and determine how well it is aligned with the SVW.

Who should take this Knowledge Block:

  • K-5 educators and administrators 
  • Secondary educators who work with long-term developing readers

What you will learn:

  • The components of the Simple View of Writing and their subcomponents
  • What research says about handwriting/keyboarding and their impact on written expression
  • Additional factors that contribute to written performance 
  • A process to analyze instructional alignment to the SVW

Materials provided:

  • 3 brief videos on pencil grip
  • PDF handout on correct pencil grip
  • 2 articles on handwriting
  • PDF of all slides in handout form


  • Certificate of Completion

The Simple View of Writing


Two key factors contribute to skilled written expression. Participants will learn the subcomponents of these factors, with a particular emphasis on the importance of handwriting fluency.

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